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We started this site last November as a free platform for New Zealand writers,directors, film and documentary makers to put their work so that their talent can be shared with and the world.

One of our main aims is education. So we feature programmes that give us an insight not just into ourselves as New Zealanders but as citizens of the world. That's why you will find international programmes inside as well as programmes on local NZ issues and topics.

It is 20 years since Japanese Tourist Kayo Matsuzawa was murdered in Auckland. Her naked body was found in a stairwell cupboard in a downtown office block. I made an epsiode of The Investigator this case which I believe is still able to be solved. You can watch Part 1 by clicking on the video to the right. You can see Part 2 and 3 and other engaging programme  by signing in.

It's free and it's  available worldwide so please share our website www.nzptv.org.nz with your friends and whanau. Or if you are a Kiwi film maker please get in touch. You can screen your work here for free.

We are a not- for -profit registered Charity which is un by volunteers. We survive and succeed by their good will and your kind donations please consider chipping in to help by pushing the donate button below. Kia Kaha

Bryan Bruce

CEO New Zealand Public Television Trust



Who Killed Kay part 1

Who Killed Kayo? PART 1


Who Killed Kayo Part 2

Who Killed Kayo? Part 2

Who Killed Kayo? Part 3

Who Killed Kayo? Part 3

15 mins

The Deceptive Promise Of Free Trade

The Deceptive Promise Of Free Trade


Occupation of the American Mind

84 mins

Who Controls The World's Police

Who Controls The World's Police?

42 mins

Organic Food Hope Or Hype

Organic Food :Hope Or Hype?


Latest PBS News Hour

Latest PBS Newshour

54 mins

Democracy Now

Democracy Now (latest)


Norway Train

Norway Winter Train Journey


Norway Train Journey Summer

Norway Train Journey Summer


John Oliver Bit Coin

John Oliver on Bitcoin

24 mins

The Third Industrial Revolution

The Third Industrial Revolution

104 mins

Latest World Class

World Class?

42 mins

Broken Dreams The Boeing 787

Broken Dreams The Boeing 787


Latest Over to You

Train Track CPTPP Protest

2 mins

Latest Whistleblower BBC News



How Click Bait Is Building A Dystopia

Latest Cathy Sweet for Bottle Off Campaign

Cathy Sweet for Bottle Off Water Bottling Protest Christchurch

Water Bottling Christchurch Protest

Water Bottling Christchurch Protest

Latest Cemented

Cemented: CPTPP Cleverly Satirised

Latest American Empire

American Empire : Act of Collective Madness

120 mins

Latest Martin

Latest Status Anxiety

Status Anxiety

140 mins

Latest Without Bound

50 mins

Latest Did Gelnn McNeill murder Janelle Pattion?

Did Glenn McNeill murder Janelle Patton?


Latest Beautiful Democracy

Beautiful Democracy

24 mins

Latest End Of The Chinese Miracle


Ngā Mōrehu -End Of An Era (First Episode)

Ngā Mōrehu -End Of An Era (First Episode)

Latest Hiroshima Dropping The Bomb


4 mins

Latest Young@heart


Latest What Stands In The Way?

Gender Equality-All That Stands In The Way

#Latest A Blind Visionary

Blind Visionary

Latest Jim Anderton's Last Interview

Jim Anderton's Last Interview

2min 40secs

Wings Four Horsemen

Four Hoursemen

98 mins

Greed - Money Happiness and Eternal life

Greed - Money Happiness and Eternal Life

90 mins

Latest Who Killed Lisa Blakie?

Who Killed Lisa Blakie?


wings 97% Owned

97% Owned


Latest Seismic Blasting

Seismic Blasting harms Whales and Dolphins

52 secs

Wings:Shenzhen: The Silicon Valley of Hardware

Shenzhen: The Silocon Valley of Hardware


Latest Amazing Minature World

Amazing Minature World - Sir David Attenborough

3 mins

latest fish vs birds

Fish vs Birds

Latest Items Tiny House Ep3

Living in a Big Tiny House Episode 3


What Happens When You Reply To Spam

What Happens When You Reply To Spam Emails

Coral Reef" 10 hours

Coral Reef:10 hours of Oceanscape

10 hours

How to use Maori Weaponry

How to use Maori Weaponry Part 1 & 2

Cat Behaviour

Cats Uncovered

4 mins

BBC Click

BBC Click

24 mins

The Doll House



Donald Trump Mob

Donald Trump Business Connections to the Mob


The Little Person Inside

The Little Person Inside

10 mins

The Deadly Flu of 1918

The Deadly Flu of 1918

popular Deepfakes


Pay To View #5 The Investigator : Who Killed The Crewes?

The Investigator : Who Killed The Crewes?


popular I'm Not Alone

I'm Not Alone -(Rima) by Moana and The Tribe

Popular Flat 3 Ep7

7 mins

Popular Flat 3 Ep6


Flat3 Ep8


Latest Flat 3 Ep5


Latest Flat 3 Episode 4

Latest Additions : Flat3 Episode 3

Recommended #14 Flat 3 Ep 2

Popular Demand #2 Flat 3 - Episode One


Popular Why Do Cats purr?

Why do cats purr?


Popular Why Do Cats Meow?

Why do cats meow?


Young Dear Satan

Dear Satan

6mins 30secs

Latest Addition Wairua-Maimoa

Wairua - Maimoa

Latest Additions #2 Escargore

Escargore :Animation


Latest Additions #7 The Lost Dinosaurs

The Lost Dinosaurs Of New Zealand


Latest Additions # 6 Beyond a Joke

Beyond A Joke


Coming Soon # 19 Opokohue Moana & The Tribe

Opokohue: Moana & The Tribe :Music

Recommended # 7 Tiny House Ep 2

DIY Cottage Tiny House

Recommended # 8 Living Big In A Tiny House

Living Big In A Tiny House :Lifestyle

Recommended- 10 Best Food Hacks

10 Best Food Hacks



How Brexit could skyrocket the cost of food

How Brexit could skyrocket the cost of food


Mystery of Stalin's Death

The Mystery of Stalin"s Death

26 mins

Inside Brexit Financial Times

Inside Brexit: How Britain Lost Europe

17 mins

Fakes in the art world -

Art Fakes - the Mystery Conman

42 mins

China vs US who would win?

China Vs US Trade war - who would win?

The Kim Dynasty

28 min

Juijitsuing Reality

Juijitsuing Reality

16 mins

Wait For Me

Wait For Me

3 mins

Forever Young

Forever Young


recommended The Oligarchs

The Oligarchs


Peter Robinson Interview

Peter Richardson Lawyer for Christchurch " Bottle Off" campaign

5 mins

Healthy people do die of the flu

Healthy people do die of the flu

3 mins

Recommended Globalising Aotearoa

Globalising Aotearoa

Recommended Guardians Of The Light

Guardians Of Light

44 mins

Recommended Back On His Feet

Back On His Feet

17 mins

Recommended John Pilger The coming war with China

John Pilger: The Coming War With China

Latest Voice: Amanada Vickers

Recommended Cimate Change Cover Up

Climate Change Cover Up

42 mins

Recommended Germany's Working Poor

Germany's Working Poor

8 mins

latest Passion In Paradise Ep 5

Passion In Paradise (final)


latest : Passion In Paradise Ep4

Passion In Paradise Ep 4


Latest Addition Ep 3 Passion In Paradise

Passion In Paradise Ep3


Latest Additions #7 Passion In Paradise Episode 2

Passion In Paradise Ep 2


Latest Additions #3 Passion In Paradise - Episode One

Passion In Paradise Ep.1 (Mature)


Wings How Blockchains coud change the world

6 mins

recommended Bitcoin

Simple explanation of Bitcoin


Latest The Hidden Genocide

The Hidden Genocide


Recommended- Studio Visit

Studio Visit - Artist Simon Denny working in Berlin

2 mins

Latest Additions Homeless

Homeless In New Zealand

Lattest Additions: Polluted Paradise Part 2

NZ's Polluted Rivers : Documentary Part 2


Recommended Shale Cowboys

Shale Cowboys


Recommended #11 Hit and Run

Hit and Run:Nicky Hager

Recommended #4 NZ Polluted Paradise : ALJazerra Documentary

NZ's Polluted Rivers: Documentary Part 1


Recommended : :Diabetes Ep 1


Recommended Diabetes Epidemic Part 2

28 mins

Recommended: The Frog The Dog and The Devil

The Frog The Dog And The Devil

Youth How Russia Hacked America

How Russia Hacked America

3 mins

Globalising Aotearoa


Latest Additions #14 John Clarke Thankyou for your time

ABC Tribute to John Clarke

Latest Additions #5 101 East Locked Up Maori

Locked Up Warriors : Al Jazeera Documentary


Over To You #5 Laughing Samoans

Laughing Samoans - Comedy


Recommended #1 The Investigator - Mark Lundy Case

The Investigator - Mark Lundy Case


Wings for the Mind



Meet the Lampyridae

Meet The Lampyridae

3 mins

The Hawaiian Bobtail Squid

The Amazing Hawaiian Bobtail Squid

What Killed Arafat?

What Killed Arafat?


John Pilger Behnd the Headlines

John Pilger Behind the headlines


Xavier Corberó: Portrait of an Artist in Winter

Xavier Corberó: Portrait of an Artist in Winter

14 mins

Bayer and Monsanto Deal

The Bayer and Monsanto deal

Great Cathedral Mystery

Great Catherdral Mystery


over to you

44 mins

Wings The Invention that helped Emma write again

The Invention that helped Emma write again

Wings Fifty People One Question


#Wings What is Life?

What is Life?


Wings Welcome to Mars

Welcome to Mars

52 mins

Wings : Big Earth Data

53 mins

Wings OK Google

OK Google

2.38 mins

Popular Demand #2 NZ The Rising Tech Giant

NZ The Rising Tech Giant :Science


recommended : The Regenerators

The Regenerators


Wings Waste to Food

Waste= Food


Wings : The Future Of Architecture

The Future of Architecture

22 mins

Wings: Edward Snowden Interview

Edward Snowden Interview


Latest Additions #1 Hot Air

Hot Air - Climate Documentary


Recommended #6 Straight Talk:Bryan Gould

Straight Talk : Bryan Gould


recommended Colosseum Roman Death Trap

Colosseum Roman Death Trap

54 mins

Wings A simpler way


Wings Paint like Picasso

How to paint like Picasso

32 mins

Over to You

Recommended Miho Jazz Orchestra

Miho's Jazz Orchestra Live at 13th Floor

3mins 38

Over 2 Ben Glandield

Ben Glanfield sings Bloodstream by Ed Sheeran


Over to you National Guy

National Guy :Darren Watson

Over to you INFRINGED: Art, Copyright, and the Internet in New Zealand


Over Heart Kids Camp

Heart Kids Camp 2018

6 mins

Over Flouridation Debate

Flouridation Debate

28 mins

over to you Anastasia


5 mins

over to you

Take me to Pitcairn

55 mins

The BIg Picture

The Big Picture

8 mins

Over :Ngā Hekaheka o Aotearoa

Ngā Hekaheka o Aotearoa (Fungi of Aotearoa)

2 mins

Over to you Mr John

Mr John

20 mins

Wizard-The Magical Realist

Wizard: The Magical Realist


Victoria Theatre

Victoria Theatre Devonport (Local History)


Coming Soon #2 Homeless Surprise Celebrity Dinner

Homeless Surprise Celebrity Dinner


Over To You #3 Ngāi Tahu Mahinga Kai

Ngāi Tahu Mahinga Kai


Over to you : Tuaki - Ngāi Tahu Mahinga Kai

Tuaki - Ngāi Tahu Mahinga Kai


over: MAUNGATUROTO - The Heart of the Kaipara

MAUNGATUROTO - The Heart of the Kaipara


Recommended #5 The Global Health Show

The Global Health Show Ep5


The Unplanned Masterpiece

Unplanned Masterpiece

1 hr 21 min

Without A Home

18 minutes

Lament for Barney Flanagan

Lament For Barney Flanagan

12 min

Over to you the numbers

2mins 42sec

Popular Demand #3 Brodie Retallick:Hot Rod Show

Brodie Retallick :Hot Rod Show




Young Adults

Kika Studios

Kika - Makeup to turn herself invisible

1min 30 secs

The real Catwalk

1 min 45 secs

the boy with he incredible brain

The Boy With The Incredible Brain.




6 min 30secs

Alexa Chung Uncovers Fashion Industry Secrets

Alexa Chung Uncovers Fashion Industry Secrets

96 mins

lego arm

He built his prosthetic arrm from Lego


#latest Say that again?

5 mins

young What's in Nail Polish

What's In Nail Polish?

8 mins

Young Archie

" Archie" Winner of the Someday Challenge


Youth :Don't Give It Up

Wings The Politics of Climate Change in the IS


Youth Marae Noho 2017

Marae Noho 2017

Living Big In A Tiny House

Living Big In A Tiny House Ep4

Popular Demand #5 Stan Walker Live

Stan Walker Live at RNZ


Recommended #3 Lorde Rolling Stone Interview

Lorde Rolling Stone Interview: Entertainment



Children Bees Bugs and Breaskfast

Bees,bugs and breakfast

5 mins

Recommended # 13 RESET

Children's Sci-fi Drama


Children Moe Show Counting

Moe Show Counting to 4

children THe facts about Climate change

Climat Change: The Facts


Children The Moe Show 1

Moe Show Pet Store


Pay to View

Pay perview Jesus The Cold Case

90 mins

Pay to view #14 Everything We Loved

Everything We Loved


Lattest Additions #15 Mindful Choice


72 mins

Pay Per View #7 The Great Maiden's Bush

The Great Maiden's Blush : Drama


P Per View #12 Fifty The Movie

Fifty The Movie: Adventure

Pay per view #7 Hook Line and Sinker

Hook Line And Sinker :Drama

Pay to view #13 How Far is Heaven?

How Far Is Heaven? : Documentary


Pay To View #3 Beginners Guide To Bee Keeping


Pay To View #9 Beneath New Zealand