The Lockdown With Bryan Bruce Day 8 : Who Killed the Crewes?

It's 50 years since Jeanette and Harvey Crewe were murdered in the Pukekawa home. Arthur Allan Thomas was arrested and convicted of the crime but always proclaimed his innocence. After a public campaign Thomas was given a retrial at which he was again  found guilty.

Two appeals upheld the juries' decisions as did a Privy Council ruling.

Thomas had served 10 years of a life sentence in prison when, following sustained pressure, lobbying by supporters, and a controversial book by author David Yallop  the National Government of Robert Muldoon granted Thomas a pardon.

As a way of backing up the pardon, the Muldoon Government appointed a Royal Commission of Inquiry to inquire into the circumstances of Mr. Thomas's convictions. Chaired by an Australian, the late Judge Robert Taylor, the commission sat in Auckland for 64 days in 1980. Some sessions, particularly those featuring the likes of Bruce Hutton, the former detective inspector who led the police investigation, were stormy at times.

The commission's findings included harsh criticism of some police officers for the way they handled the case.

The question that remains is if Arthur Thomas didn't murder the crewe's - who did?


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