The Lockdown With Bryan Bruce Day 1

It's the first day of the COVT -19 in New Zealand starts out by sorting out his  archive and found this one - Beyond A Joke which he  made in 1998 . It some of our legendary comedians  - the late John Clarke and  Barry Crump, The Topp Twins (when they were just getting started)  Playwright Roger Hall , Lynn of Tawa, Pete and Pio ,the writers for Billy T James.. the list goes on.

Bryan also set himself a challenge - to make the documentary without a voice over. (He figured the comedians could speak for themselves!) You can let Bryan know what you think through isFacebook page by clicking on this link: Or by email to : In the coming days Bryan is  planning to do some interviews and analysis because he wants us to build a fairer, more just and environmentally conscious nation once this pandemic is over

Stay safe.



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