Climate Change Cover Up

Like the tobacco industry denials of the link  between smoking and lung cancer, this investigatigve documentary by DW in Germany reveals that major oil companies like EXXon and Shell have known for the last 60 years of the link between buring fossil fuels and climate change.

According to Carroll Muffett from the Center for International Environmental Law in Washington, they consciously funded surveys with the aim of discrediting the results. He calls it "the greatest scandal in human history.” Two district attorneys and a range of county authorities in the US have now launched proceedings against Exxon and other oil companies. This documentary examines the campaign of deception, and follows up on evidence of similarly dubious studies being published in Germany too

DW-TV is a set of television channels provided by Deutsche Welle. The channels concentrate on news and information and are broadcast on satellite and produced in Berlin

It's the kind of investigative journalism we see too little of in New Zealand but which NZPTV aims to foster.



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