I'm Not Alone -(Rima) by Moana and The Tribe

Moana (Moana & the Tribe)I'm not alone Moana Maniapoto and Grant Haua. Written by M.Maniapoto, P.Free and S.Morrison) Inspired by the celestial navigators and sailors of Polynesia. Guitar: Grant Haua & Cadzow Cossar Bass: Marika Hodgson BVs: Moana & Trina Maniapoto Producer: Paddy Free Music Video: Kimiora Jackson Styling & Makeup: Soldiers Road Warriors: Aneta Morgan, Chaddy Manga, Laurence Kershaw Location: Whakarewarewa & Twisty Pole Studios (Rotorua) RIMA is available through https://www.amazon.co.uk AND https://www.iTunes.apple.com/nz/artis...

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