Flat 3 Episode Katrina wants Lee to move out. Jessica wants Lee to get lucky. And Perlina just wants her Ex, especially now he's learnt a new party trick...


Lee - Ally Xue
Jessica - JJ Fong
Perlina - Perlina Lau

Calum - Calum Gittins
Katrina - Katrina Wesseling
Waiter - Alice Yuretich

Director/Writer - Roseanne Liang
1st AD - Ant Davies
DOP - Stallone Vaiaoga-Ioasa
Camera Assist/DOP - Jack Woon
Camera Assist/DOP - Hook
DIT - Johnathan Guest
Sound Tech - David Green
Make-up - Vee Gulliver
Unit - Angelina Perkinson

Editor - Tori Bindoff
Sound Design/Mix - Carl Smith
Composer - Hong Yul Yang
Guitar - Sebastian Troy
VFX - Nick Hamilton
Conform - Johnathan Guest
Colorist - Simon Hyland @ Fleet Street


composed by Jason Smith

Nothing's Gonna Stop Me
by Katie Scott and the Miss T's

Foul Creature of Darkness
by Drop Dead Redhead

Kerry Warkia
Roseanne Liang
JJ Fong
Ally Xue
Perlina Lau

Special Thanks:
Gorgeous Pizza
Perlina's actual flatmates
Fasitua Amosa for sharing his office
Nikki Si'ulepa
The awesome extras!


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