How Trump Won

Trump’s campaign pushed his country into what has been called a “post-truth” era. Since January 2017, however, Trump has been President of the United States. How could such a thing happen? There is a powerful family behind Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States of America - a family that has been donating millions of dollars to conservative causes for a decade, and has repeatedly obstructed any attempts to subject it to public scrutiny and accountability. In addition to taking control of Donald Trump's election campaign, Robert Mercer and his foundation have tremendous influence on the right-wing populist website Breitbart News, a propaganda vehicle for the so-called alt-right movement. It has also been funding a psychometric data company that uses algorithms to target potential voters. Critics say big data, coordinated fake news and Mercer all managed to make society more predictable and swing the vote in Trump’s favor.

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