Cathy Sweet for Bottle Off Water Bottling Protest Christchurch

In 2017 ECan issued consents to two water bottling companies that allow them to bottle over 24 million litres per day of precious Canterbury aquifer water from bores in Belfast, North Christchurch. The consents are based on historical permits for the Silver Fern Farms works and the Kaputone Wool Scour.

Those industries used only a tiny fraction of the consented water ‘take’ but the bottling companies will be using every last drop. The aquifer is fully allocated and ECan doesn't understand the potential effects of the increased extraction on artesian pressures and water quality; on freshwater ecosystems; on neighbouring bores; or on the community water supply, because there have been no assessments.

Despite this they've bent over backwards to find a process that will enable the bottling to go ahead without public consultation. Aotearoa Water Action are challenging the legality of that process. At the time of writing this nearly 90,000 people had signed Genevieve Robinson's petition calling for the consent to be revoked. However, construction is going ahead and a new bore has been drilled.

We don't want NZ to stop at protest when we can use the law to protect our water. We have an opinion from a top Queen's Counsel that we have a strong case and we're ready to bring legal proceedings to overturn the Belfast bottling consents. But we need your help...

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For deposits direct into our bank account use: Aotearoa Water Action Incorporated 38 9019 0530141 00 Cheques can be made out to Aotearoa Water Action Inc. & dropped at Linwood Law's offices at 15 Buckleys Rd Linwood, Christchurch.

Thanks for your generosity! Email: Aotearoa Water Action Inc. (AWA) is a non-profit organisation.

Our members are from all walks of life and undertake all legal, research and campaign work without reward. We have lawyers, scientists, our very own journalist and water activists who have walked Aotearoa to raise awareness of the plight of water. We're from all over New Zealand and we're committed to protecting our wai for future generations. Music: Precipice by Twin Musicom ( Artist:

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