Welcome to the 4th episode of Death Bye Chocolate in which you will find the last of the clues to help you solve the murder of Richard Carrington.

As this Whodunnit is a fund raiser for the New Zealand Public Television Trust (which creates work for Kiwi film and television creatives) we invite you support us by entering our Whodunnit competition .

Everyone who correctly identifies the killer will go into a draw to win NZ $200's worth of hand made NZ chocolates.

Here's how to enter Go to our webpage www.nzptv.org.nz press the donate button choose the pay by Credit Card option (Debit cards also work ) and select the amount you would like to donate from the available options. $5 is the minium entry .

After you have made your donation amount selection, click on "Next" and fill in the details required in that page.

To submit your actual entry choose Write Us A Comment and on that line write Whodunnit and the the name of the person you think is the murderer.

So your entry will take the following form:

Whodunnit? Bryan

We are going leave up all the epsiodes at least until Sunday night ( maybe longer ) to allow viewers to revisit the clues.

Then we will post Episode 5 - the big reveal. But of course you have to have your entry in before we post the final episode.


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