Here's the third of 5 episodes of an original Whodunnit? murder mystery recorded by 8 New Zealand actors using only the cameras in their laptops and cellphones while in self- isolation during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The production has been designed as a fund raiser in support of The New Zealand Public Television Trust which aims to create work for Kiwi film and TV creatives.

A competition to guess the murderer is being run in connection with this series, details of which are announced within each episode. The minimum amount to enter is $5 but we would love it if you would donate more.

The prize is a delicious assortment of handmade New Zealand chocolates valued at $NZ200 The competition ends after the screening of the next Episode so be sure to be in to win!

Episode 5 will be the big reveal in which you get to find out whether you got it right or not. Happy sleuthing!

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