Composting the RMA - Resource Mis-management Act! 1

Extinction Rebellion people met outside the Canterbury Mayoral forum this morning to compost the Resource (mis)Management Act and grow an Ecological Protection Act in its place. XR want all mayors to do something about the ecological & climate emergency that is unfolding. We want them to use the tools they have available to do this, we want them to take aim for zero carbon by 2025, and we want them to be guided by participatory democracy in all of this. To take meaningful action, they’re going to need to get central government to compost the Resource (Mis-)Management Act and grow a citizen lead, Ecological Protection Act in its place. The Resource Management Act is Aotearoa NZ’s main legal tool intended to protect the environment. It doesn’t do this. It has consistently bowed to developments that have sold out, concreted over, polluted and mined our life support systems in the name of private profit. Whatever good intentions the RMA contains, it’s clearly not fit for purpose. It even specifically prevents climate protection! Today the RMA was symbolically transformed into legislation that will protect and heal the earth and its people.

Filmed by Marney Brosnan of Mahi Pai Media

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